“Excellent and fun instruction. As challenging as you want it to be.”


Kathryn offers a creative approach to exploring anatomy and the relationship of the physical/energetic bodies. Her delivery method helps the student use, retain, and share the information. I highly recommend her workshops!”

“This is great subject matter that is useful whether you teach or practice yoga. The content was helpful in understanding how each body uniquely moves and has its own challenges. The practical portion of the training (moving our own joints) was helpful to feel. It was so nice to have space to share with others, too.”

“I enjoyed the way the subject was presented and how relatable it is to daily life, both on and off the mat. Kathryn was easy to understand and presented the content very well!”

“Kathryn and Nancy were amazing! Loved the program, so happy I stuck with it. The program was flexible and gave me the sapce I needed to be able to complete the training. Wonderful experience!”


“It was a wonderful expereince, our teachers are very knowledgeable and caring. I gew to be a better student, then as a teacher, teammate, friend, and human being.”

“Training at rOming Yoga was an incredibly positive experience with a lot of support from very knowledgeable instructors. They also offer flexibility to fit working professional’s schedules. I liked that it feels like a community of learning.”

“rOming Yoga provided an excellent 200 YTT program. Students learn about yoga from a holistic level, including mind, body, and spirit. I would definitely recommend this program to my friends.”