Led by Kathryn Vega, M.Ed, E-RYT500, YACEP
Nurturing Space Yoga is for humans that are curious about movement and are striving to create a balanced life. Classes are designed with a strong base of traditional asanas with plenty of play in pursuit of growth. Nurturing Space Yoga offers an authentic space for ordinary people to learn and grow organically through the practice of yoga and the study of Self. 

SomethiNG for everyone!

Class Schedule


1:30 pm Aerial at Midland Yoga Works

2:30 pm Yin Yoga at Midland Yoga Works


8:00 am Vinyasa Flow at MCH Mission Fitness

9:30 am Yoga Strong at rOming


9:30 am Gentle Movement at rOming Yoga


8:00 am Vinyasa Flow at MCH Mission Fitness

10:00 am Gentle Movement at MCH Mission Fitness


4:30 pm Kids Aerial at Midland Yoga Works


Registration is not needed for MCH Fitness, just bring your beautiful self!

“My 7-year old daughter & I have had the pleasure of taking many aerial yoga classes with Kathryn.  She is an extremely gifted, kind, & nurturing instructor.  My daughter first attended one of Kathryn’s aerial yoga camps for kids and fell in love with aerial because of Kathryn’s instruction & encouragement.  It was amazing to see the progress & self-confidence that my daughter had gained in just a few sessions with Kathryn!  In fact, it inspired me to join Kathryn’s adult aerial classes, which I’ve been happily taking for almost a year now.”

Julie NG-Castillo